List of Fairy & Mini Plants RSF plant on having throughout the season.  At times some plants may be unavailable.

Sold in 3″ pots    (also available, a selection of Fairy Forest Mini trees and shrubs – not listed below)

Allison Blue Cuphea
Aquamarine Pilea
Blanket Moss
Creeping Thymus praecox
Cuphea Ignea
Irish Moss
Isotoma Fluviatilis-Blue
Mini Fuchsia
Oxalis Burgundy
Oxalis Sunset
Plumosa Fern
Pixie Ivy
Scotch Moss
Selaginella Avatar
Sensitive Plant
Solierolia Soleirolii (Baby Tears)
Thymus Minus
Tiny Red Toes Coleus
Variegated Meulenbeckia