2018 Clematis Varieties

Please note that varieties are sometimes out of stock or not available  

Clematis Albina Plena
Clematis Amanda Marie
Clematis Andromeda
Clematis Bernadine
Clematis Blue Light
Clematis Cardinal Wysznski
Clematis Charmaine
Clematis China Purple – bush type 28″ tall
Clematis Copernicus
Clematis Crystal Fountain
Clematis Diamantina
Clematis Diana’s Delight
Clematis Empress
Clematis Florida Sieboldii
Clematis Franziska Maria
Clematis Fuyu No Tabi
Clematis Giselle
Clematis Guernsey Cream
Clematis Hakuba
Clematis HF Young
Clematis Huvi
Clematis Innocent Blush
Clematis Jackmanii superba
Clematis John Paul II
Clematis Marie Therese
Clematis Mrs N Thomspon
Clematis Mrs. Robert Brydon (Heracleifloia)
Clematis Multi Blue
Clematis My Angel
Clematis Nelly Moser
Clematis New Love
Clematis Niobe
Clematis Paniculata
Clematis Patricia Ann Fretwell
Clematis Piilu
Clematis Pink Champagne
Clematis Rebecca
Clematis Roguchi
Clematis Rosalie
Clematis Rosamunde
Clematis Sapphire Indigo
Clematis Serious Black
Clematis Skyfall
Clematis Stand by Me
Clematis Stolwijk Gold
Clematis Sunset
Clematis Sweet Summer Love
Clematis Tangutica
Clematis Texensis Gravetye Beauty
Clematis Texensis Princess Diana
Clematis The President
Clematis Tie Dye (purple/white)
Clematis Venosa Violacea
Clematis Wada’s Primrose
Clematis Wildfire