2019 Clematis Varieties

Please note that varieties are sometimes out of stock or not available  


Clematis     Amanda Marie
Clematis     Andromeda
Clematis     Avante Garde
Clematis     Bernadine
Clematis     Chelsea
Clematis     Copernicus
Clematis     Corinne
Clematis     Crystal Fountain
Clematis     Diamantina
Clematis     Giselle
Clematis     HF Young
Clematis     Jackmanii superba
Clematis     John Paul II
Clematis     Marie Therese
Clematis     Miss Bateman
Clematis     Multi Blue
Clematis     New Love
Clematis     Paniculata
Clematis     Pink Champagne
Clematis     Rebecca
Clematis     Roguchi
Clematis     Rosamunde
Clematis     Rouge Cardinal
Clematis     Serious Black
Clematis     Skyfall
Clematis     Stand by Me
Clematis     Stolwijk Gold
Clematis     Sunset
Clematis     Sweet Summer Love
Clematis     Tangutica
Clematis     Texensis Gravetye Beauty
Clematis     Texensis Princess Diana
Clematis     Wildfire