2019 Daylily list

These are the Dayily that we plan on carrying for this season. At any given time, please know that a variety may be out of stock or unavailable.  


Hemerocallis   Alabama Jubilee
Hemerocallis   Autumn Minaret
Hemerocallis   Baby Moon Café
Hemerocallis   Bela Lugosi (purple)
Hemerocallis   Bestseller
Hemerocallis   Black Arrowhead
Hemerocallis   Blackthorne
Hemerocallis   Bogeyman
Hemerocallis   Buttered Popcorn
Hemerocallis   Cheese and Wine
Hemerocallis   Cherokee Star
Hemerocallis   Crimson Pirate
Hemerocallis   Crinkled Fantasy
Hemerocallis   Dancing on Air
Hemerocallis   Daring Deception
Hemerocallis   Early bird Cardinal
Hemerocallis   Early bird Oriole
Hemerocallis   Early Snow
Hemerocallis   Elegant Explosion
Hemerocallis   Eye on America
Hemerocallis   Fooled Me
Hemerocallis   Frans Hals
Hemerocallis   Funny Valentine (red)
Hemerocallis   Garden Show
Hemerocallis   Gentle Shepherd
Hemerocallis   Going Bananas
Hemerocallis   Handwriting on the Wall
Hemerocallis   Happy Returns
Hemerocallis   Heavenly Flight of Angels
Hemerocallis   Heavenly Mr. Twister
Hemerocallis   Holiday Song
Hemerocallis   Hyperion
Hemerocallis   Isabella Marafi
Hemerocallis   Lavender Blue Baby
Hemerocallis   Little Grapette
Hemerocallis   Magic Amethyst
Hemerocallis   Midnight Raider
Hemerocallis   Monterrey Jack
Hemerocallis   Moses Fire
Hemerocallis   New Tangerine Twist
Hemerocallis   Nosferatu (Purple)
Hemerocallis   Onion Patch
Hemerocallis   Orange Smoothie
Hemerocallis   Primal Scream
Hemerocallis   Purple D Oro
Hemerocallis   Raspberry Suede
Hemerocallis   Red Hot Returns
Hemerocallis   Rosy Returns
Hemerocallis   Royal Braid
Hemerocallis   Ruby Spider
Hemerocallis   Scottish Fantasy
Hemerocallis   Snaggle Tooth
Hemerocallis   South Seas (org)
Hemerocallis   Spacecoast Sea Shells
Hemerocallis   Stella de’ Oro
Hemerocallis   Stella Supreme
Hemerocallis   Stephanie Returns
Hemerocallis   Stolen Treasure
Hemerocallis   Storm Shelter
Hemerocallis   Summer Wine
Hemerocallis   Sun Dried Tomatoes
Hemerocallis   Swedish Girl
Hemerocallis   Tiger Blood
Hemerocallis   Tiger Swirl
Hemerocallis   When My Sweetheart Returns