We have a wide selection of specimen trees and shrubs – from weeping cherry to Japanese maples.  Please call us at 269 342-9207 or email us at info@riverstreetflowerland.com  if you are looking for a specific tree or shrub.  Thank you

Japanese Maples for 2020 -following is a list of the varieties we hope to carry for this season. Quantities are limited, so as the season progresses, we will be out of stock on many of them.

Acer campestreCarnivalVariegated Hedge Maple
Acer circinatumLynnVine Maple
Acer circinatumSunny SisterVine Maple
Acer circinatumThree Cheers ™Upright Vine Maple
Acer griseumPaper Bark Maple 
Acer japonicumAconitifolium     Full Moon Maple
Acer japonicumGreen Cascade 
Acer japonicumVitifoliumFull Moon Maple
Acer palmatumArakawaJapanese Maple
Acer palmatumBihou 
Acer palmatumBloodgoodJapanese Maple
Acer palmatumButterflyJapanese Maple
Acer palmatumHefner’s RedJapanese Maple
Acer palmatumHime ShojoJapanese Maple
Acer palmatumHogyoku 
Acer palmatumKatsura 
Acer palmatumKiyohime StdJapanese Maple
Acer palmatumKoto-no-ito 
Acer palmatumLima GoldJapanese Maple
Acer palmatumOjishi 
Acer palmatumOrido Nishiki    
Acer palmatumOsakasuki 
Acer palmatumPeaches & CreamJapanese Maple
Acer palmatumRed Emperor  
Acer palmatumRhode Island RedJapanese Maple
Acer palmatumSango Kaku  
Acer palmatumShainaJapanese Maple
Acer palmatumSharp’s Pygmy 
Acer palmatumSharp’s Pygmy STD 
Acer palmatumShindeshojo 
Acer palmatumShishigashiraLionshead
Acer palmatumSpring DelightJapanese Maple
Acer palmatumTaylorJapanese Maple
Acer palmatumTobioshoJapanese Maple
Acer palmatumVilla Taranto 
Acer palmatum dissectumBaby LaceJapanese Maple
Acer palmatum dissectumCrimson Queen 
Acer palmatum dissectumOrangeola 
Acer palmatum dissectumRed Filgeree Lace 
Acer palmatum dissectumSeiryu 
Acer pseudoplatanusEskimo SunsetSycamore Maple
Acer shirasawanumAureumFull Moon Maple
Acer shirasawanumAutumn MoonFull Moon Maple
Acer shirasawanumJordanFull Moon Maple
Acer shirasawanumJordan 
Acer shirasawanumPalmatifoliumFull Moon Maple
Acer triflorum 3 Flower
Acer x pseNorth Wind 
Acer x PseudosieboldianumFinal Fire®Hybrid Maple
Acer x PseudosieboldianumIce Dragon®Hybrid Maple