Cryptocereus anthoyanus

Cryptocereus anthoyanus, affectionately called ‘Ric Rac cactus’ or ‘Fishbone cactus’ has distinctive zig-zag foliage makes this cactus a popular collector’s item. New growth resembles chartreuse paddles of rhipsalis tipped in orange. As they grow out the paddles’ zigs and zags become more prominent and the color fades to a lime green. Trimming is often necessary, otherwise long limbs may take over your home. Do not mourn the trimmed though: the cut stem often branches and you can even try sticking the detached segment into the soil in hopes to root!

Prefers as much light as possible– burning isn’t a threat to this cactus. Drought tolerant, but enjoy regular watering in the summer. In ideal conditions this will lead to white flowers in the early fall.

Size: 6″ pot, paddles around 12″ long