What size will by plant be?

Each listing denotes the size of the pot the plant was grown in. The majority of the plants we sell online are grown in a 3.5″ pot. That includes all tender succulents and lower light house plants.

Why is this plant out of stock

With a few exceptions we grow every plant that you see on our website. We have a diverse selection of plants and we grow many of them from our stock collection. At times we run out of a particular crop before the next crop is ready. We try our best to keep our availability up to date.

What is the return policy?

– We do not accept returns of plants; they will not survive the return trip.

We offer provisional refunds on plants within 7 days of the shipped date. All plants are healthy when they depart. Unfortunate things can and occasionally do happen during shipping. If you open your package and are unhappy with the condition the plant showed up in; take a picture of it in the packaging and send a detailed e-mail to order@rsfland.com. We want you to be fully satisfied with your order and will work to please you.