RSF Bedding Plant List

Bedding plants are available mid April through mid June.  Please note, at any given time, some varieties may be out of stock.

Bedding Plants
Bedding flats are 48 plants; 12 packs of 4
ageratum blue
alyssum lavender
alyssum mixed
alyssum purple
alyssum white
begonia, wax dark leaf mix
begonia, wax dark leaf pink
begonia, wax dark leaf red
begonia, wax dark leaf white
begonia, wax green leaf mix
begonia, wax green leaf pink
begonia, wax green leaf red
begonia, wax green leaf white
celosia mix plume
celosia pink plume
celosia red plume
celosia yellow plume
coleus black dragon
coleus classic mix
coleus rose
coleus velvet
coleus festive dance
cosmos mix
dahlia mix
dianthus mix
dianthus picotee
dianthus white
dianthus red
dianthus rose
dianthus violet
dusty miller
hypoestes pink
hypoestes red
hypoestes white
impatiens, shade blue pearl
impatiens, shade pink
impatiens, shade orange
impatiens, shade rose
impatiens, shade red
impatiens, shade salmon
impatiens, shade coral
impatiens, shade lilac
impatiens, shade violet
impatiens, shade white
impatiens, shade mix
impatiens, shade mix voodoo
impatiens, shade mix cha cha
impatiens, shade mix marvic
lobelia blue
lobelia white
marigold, lg bloom orange
marigold, lg bloom yellow
marigold, lg bloom vanilla
marigold, dwarf mix
marigold, dwarf orange
marigold, dwarf yellow
marigold, medium bicolor
marigold, medium mix
marigold, medium orange
marigold, medium red
marigold, medium yellow
moss rose mix
moss rose pink
moss rose red
moss rose yellow
nicotiana mix
petunia mix
petunia burgundy
petunia salmon
petunia red
petunia white
petunia yellow
petunia blue
petunia pink
petunia rose
petunia Patriot mix
salvia dwarf red
salvia tall red
salvia mix
salvia purple
salvia white
salvia Victoria blue
snapdragon dwarf mix
snapdragon dwarf rose
snapdragon dwarf red
snapdragon dwarf white
snapdragon dwarf yellow
snapdragon tall rocket mix
verbena mix
verbena red
verbena pink
vinca flower mix
vinca flower blush
vinca flower red
vinca flower white w/red eye
vinca flower orchid
zinnia, short profusion mix
zinnia, short profusion yellow
zinnia, short profusion white
zinnia, short profusion cherry
zinnia tall state fair
zinnia tall Benary’s giant