RSF Hellebore List

Black Tie Affair ‘Black Tie Affair’ has 3″, double black flowers with a lighter center.
Blushing Bridesmaid ‘Blushing Bridesmaid’ bears 2-2½” double white flowers with raspberry pink veining and picotee edge.
California Dreaming California Dreaming’ has 3″, single clear yellow, unspotted flowers.
Confetti Cake Confetti Cake’ has 2½-3″ double white flowers with burgundy speckling concentrated toward the center of the petals.
Dark & Handsome Helleborus ‘Dark and Handsome’ bears 2½-3″, near black to black-purple flowers.
First Dance Helleborus ‘First Dance’ bears 2-2½” double flowers that range from bright yellow to yellow with a maroon picotee edge and veining.
Flower Girl ‘Flower Girl’ bears 2½-3″, double blush to light pink flowers.
French Kiss Helleborus ‘French Kiss’ has 3-3½”, single white flowers lined with raspberry pink that veins in toward the center of the petals.
Frostkiss Anna’s Red Dark red flower buds on red stems in March.  The blooms open over time to dark pink petals (sepals) surrounding chartreuse nectaries and creamy anthers.  As they age, they take on shades of darker red and then bronzy green.  The marbled evergreen foliage is lustrous for most of the year, but is best removed in late winter in order to display the flowers better.
Frostkiss Cheryl’s Shine It’s a little more compact relative to the average hellebore. It blooms slightly later than most. The blooms face forwards instead of the typical nodding heads. The evergreen foliage has a cool marbled pattern.
Frostkiss Moondance Dark green foliage with silver veins is topped with white flowers that have a chartreuse center and age to pale green. Grows 24” tall. Exceptionally long blooming from February to April, Frostkiss® Hellebores emerge from the cold and often snow covered ground to welcome spring and continue a show of long lasting deer-resistant color for weeks.
Frostkiss Penny’s Pink When a plant is named after English plantswoman and author Penelope Hobhouse, it had better be good. It offers an ever-changing color show. The evergreen leaves have pronounced veining that is silver- or fuchsia-toned in spring then gold/emerald as the season progresses. Atop the foliage, purple buds give way to saucer-shaped, pale pink blossoms that intensify in color as they age.
Frostkiss Pippa’s Purple Lenten Rose is crowned with merlot flowers in February to April.  The large blooms have deep purple speckling and the evergreen foliage is a deep green overlaid with silver mottling.
Honeyhill Joy This hybrid from Honeyhill Farms is exceptional for its quantities of large, outfacing, cream-centered, white flowers over vigorous, shiny, blue tinged foliage.
Ivory Prince Rich burgundy pink buds open in late winter to reveal green-tinted ivory petals that age to rose. The vigorous and hardy hellebore, or “Lenten rose”, blooms in the winter and early spring garden before other plants awaken. Highly deer resistant, too.
Maid of Honor Helleborus ‘Maid of Honor’ ranges in color from light to dark pink, bearing 2-3” double flowers.
Mother of the Bride ‘Mother of the Bride’ has 3″, double apricot flowers with a light pink picotee edge.
New York Night Helleborus ‘New York Night’ bears 2½-3”, single flowers with shades of black that include deep grey-purple, jet black, and black-purple.
Paris in Pink Helleborus ‘Paris in Pink’ bears 3½-4”, single light to medium pink flowers. Part os the single-flowered selections of the HONEYMOON® Series from Walters Gardens, Inc. by hybridizer Hans Hansen.
Pink Beauty This forms a low evergreen clump of dark-green leaves mottled with silver. Big cup-shaped blooms of soft-pink kissed with ivory green. Prune off any ugly leaves in spring, otherwise just leave this alone. Plants can only be increased true-to-form by careful division after blooming, best done as seldom as possible since this resents being disturbed.
Piroutte A named selection that has white blooms fading to a soft dusky pink. Good vigorous growth, early to flower and very prolific.
Rio Carnival Helleborus ‘Rio Carnival’ bears 2½-3”, single light yellow flowers with heavy burgundy red speckling.
Romantic Getaway 3″, single white flowers with a dramatic red patterned center. Part of the HONEYMOON® Series from Walters Gardens, Inc. hybridizer Hans Hansen.
Rome in Red Helleborus ‘Rome in Red’ bears 3-4”, single rich maroon to wine red flowers.
Sandy Shores Sandy Shores’ bears 2½-3”, single pale apricot flowers with a lovely rosy pink color on the backs.
Shotgun Wedding Shotgun Wedding’ has 3″, double white flowers a very heavy concentration of burgundy spots. Compared to ‘Confetti Cake’, flecks are thicker, more pronounced and concentrated at the centers.
Snowbells Helleborus ‘Snowbells’ has bright white, out-facing blooms with additional white petaloids in the center and dark evergreen foliage.
Spanish Flare Helleborus ‘Spanish Flare’ bears 3″, single light yellow flowers with maroon red flares concentrated around the nectaries.  A novel color pattern for Lenten Rose.
Tropical Sunset 3″, single creamy yellow flowers that are dramatically streaked with burgundy red veining and picotee.
True Love Helleborus ‘True Love’ bears rich maroon red, 3-3½” double flowers.
Wedding Bells Helleborus ‘Wedding Bells’ bears clear white, 2-2½” double flowers.
Wedding Crasher From the Wedding Party series of Helleborus comes ‘Wedding Crasher’. Vigorous grower that produces numerous double soft pink flowers with numerous dark pink speckles in early spring.