RSF Perennial Hibiscus List

Airbrush Effect Airbrush Effect’ has 8″ vibrant pink flowers with salmon tones have an airbrushed central white halo and a small dark red eye. Overlapping petals create a three dimensional look to the flowers. The rich, dark green foliage forms a compact habit. Lots of flower buds translates to a long season of bloom.
Ballet Slippers The edges are blush pink, fading to white. Combined with the heavily overlapping petals, creating a pinwheel effect. Attractive, healthy leaves are bright green with slightly serrated edges. A polished, upright habit and extremely high bud count with good axillary branching ensures that a long season of color.
Blackberry Merlot 8″ rich, deep velvety red flowers are produced above a tight, upright habit of deep green leaves. A perfect centerpiece for a garden with bright and beautiful colors.
Evening Rose Dark purplish-black foliage is highlighted by wonderfully bright pink ruffled flowers in ‘Evening Rose’. It is a great companion planting with Summerific® Berry Awesome Hardy Hibiscus, and it will make a bold statement in any sun garden.
Fleming Little Prince This compact hardy hibiscus features very showy hot lavender-pink blooms with deep red centers; attractive, small, maple shaped leaves; ideal for the mixed garden border or massed; do not allow to dry to wilting point
Fleming New Old Yella Improved ‘Old Yella’ with truer yellow and much more compact size. Small green maple-shaped leaves, 6″ thick yellow blooms with red centers; blooms from top to bottom of plant, late spring through fall!
French Vanilla A new color!  Soft yellow flower buds open to 7-8″ creamy custard yellow, ruffled flowers with a prominent red eye. Compared to the industry standard ‘Old Yella’, this Hibiscus retains its yellow color longer, has a more compact habit, has red stems and deeper green, more attractive foliage, and a very prolific floral production.
Holy Grail This is truly a special Hardy Hibiscus. Incredibly dark, near-black foliage hold 8-9” deep red flowers. Use as a focal point to your garden and be delighted in mid to late summer.
Spinderella Show this off in your late summer landscape with the wild new pinwheel pattern. Large, 8″ white flowers have medium pink accented edges and a dark red eye. Dark green leaves form a tidy, dense, and well-rounded habit that will fit perfectly as the centerpiece of your garden.
Starry Starry Night  Incredibly dark, near-black, broad, maple-like leaves form an upright clump in the landscape. Interesting 7-8” flowers are pale pink with darker pink speckling and veining. The flowers are held on bright green carpels, which contrast nicely with the dark foliage.
Summer Carnival Hibiscus ‘Summer Carnival’ brings a tropical flare to the garden with its dark magenta-pink flowers and variegated foliage. An abundance of flowers are produced in late summer to early fall. It has excellent vigor and will surely become a favorite in your garden.
Summer in Paradise ‘Summer in Paradise’ truly delivers with its refined habit and attractive, large flowers and floriferous performance. Deep red buds open to 7-8” hot cerise red flowers. Medium green, maple-like leaves are accented by olive green edges. The large leaves quickly fill in the habit to keep it appearing full and refined.
Vintage Wine Near-black buds open to huge 7”, scarlet red flowers that shimmer in the sun with a darker red eye. The overlapping petals of ‘Vintage Wine’ have a crinkled texture and open completely with minimal cupping.