RSF Perennial Lavender Plant List

Big Time Blue Large, deep lavender purple flower spikes rise atop a cushion of gray-green foliage for weeks on end. An excellent choice for edging borders, and creating swaths of irresistible color.
Blue Cushion Unlike many compact varieties of lavender which tend to have smaller, lighter blue flower spikes and an uneven flowering habit, ‘Blue Cushion’ forms a perfectly compact, rounded cushion of fragrant, grey-green, evergreen foliage.
Ellagance Elegance has striking, bright purple blooms and silvery grey foliage. It emits the lovely fragrance we all love and is perfect for any sunny part of the garden. It’s known to be bee friendly and attract butterflies.
Grosso Lavandula ‘Grosso’ is a large growing French hybrid lavender with dark blue flower spikes in mid-summer. An impressive profuse bloomer ideal for drying or culinary use. This variety is known for its exceptionally long spikes of deep violet flowers that stand well above the compact foliage. Perfect for garden edging.
Hidcote This versatile, fragrant perennial shrub has many uses beyond the herb garden! Deep purple flower spikes above mounds of gray-green foliage provide great color to the front of shrub borders or spotted into the rock garden. Highly effective in mass plantings. Useful for perfumes, sachets, oils and medicinal purposes.
Lavance Deep Purple Blooms the first year with deep purple, long lasting flowers. The dense foliage is greenish-grey and very aromatic. Bushy, upright, compact habit allows Lavance Purple to be a great selection for a smaller garden. An excellent choice for edging and performs well in containers too.
Munstead An evergreen, perennial shrub with compact, mounding, aromatic gray foliage and abundant, fragrant, rich lavender flower spikes. Attracts butterflies. Used in perfumes, sachets, oils and for medicinal purposes. Used to deter insects when placed in a closet or room.
Phenomenal With remarkable fragrance and flower presentation above uniform mounds of silvery foliage in spring and summer, it is truly ‘Phenomenal’ for fresh and dried flower arrangements, oils, and culinary delights – and of course, the perennial border or patio container!
Platinum Blonde Stunning new beauty with remarkably fragrant soft-blue 22”-24” flowers. Engaging gray-green leaves are edged with wide, creamy yellow margins. ‘Platinum Blonde’ casts a glowy, showy spell—even at a distance. Perfect for containers, as edging, and in rock gardens.
Provence An evergreen, perennial shrub with gray green foliage and abundant, fragrant, purple flower spikes that attract butterflies. Useful as hedge or edging in herb garden. Flowers may be crushed and used in sachets.
Sesational! The remarkably large, full, fragrant, purple flower spikes and wide, aromatic silvery-blue foliage of Lavender Sensational!™ will thrill everyone (and pollinators, too). Like its cousin Phenomenal™, this breakthrough perennial also tolerates heat, humidity and cold better than most other varieties. The remarkably strong stems make this one a prize for cut-flower enthusiasts.
Super Blue With some of the largest blooms in the Lavandula family, Superblue creates a spectacular show in the summer garden. This lavender variety prefers full sun and is drought-tolerant.
Sweet Romance This is a compact variety of lavender that offers plump, rich violet purple flower spikes atop superb grey-green foliage. Blooms a bit earlier than most, lasting into early fall. Perfect for cutting for fresh and dried bouquets, lavender is a staple for every sunny garden.