RSF Peony Plant List

Big Ben Red, bomb-type double, early-midseason, very fragrant, 36″ tall, lactiflora. Medium red bomb center is framed by large guard petals. Opens well on stiff stems. Good in hot climates.
Bouquet Perfect Custom made for cutting, not only is the central nest of petals in this lightly fragrant Anemone-form variety perfectly composed, but strong, straight stems and vigorous side shoots provide essential elements for anyone who loves making their own arrangements. Midseason.
Bowl of Love  This selection offers double, bomb-type flowers in pink tones appearing on strong stems mid-season. Delightful light fragrance. Excellent for cutting. Peonies seldom need to be divided or moved, but if necessary it should be carried out only in the fall. Flowering is always best in a sunny location. Trim off old stems to the ground in late fall, to help prevent disease problems.
Buckeye Belle Maroon fall foliage, excellent hedge plant, stands upright, compact plant.
Celebrity Blooms late spring to early summer. Large, fragrant 6″ double raspberry-pink flowers with two-toned pink-white centers. Very showy on sturdy upright dark green foliage.
Charles White White, crown-type double, lightly fragrant, early, 36″ tall, lactiflora. Large outer petals surround globular in curved white bomb with a glow of yellow from inside. Tall enough to be at the back of the border. A popular cut flower.
Coral Charm Deep coral buds that open to pleasing coral-peach semi-double blossoms. True color breakthrough for the Peony garden. Peony ‘Coral Charm’ makes an excellent cut flower. A classic! American Peony Society Gold Medal Selection.
Coral Sunset Peony Coral Sunset buds open up in early spring as deep, rose-coral and slowly fade to yellow as the season progresses. The semi-double blooms are fabulously-fragrant and make gorgeous spring bouquets.
Do Tell Large, mildly fragrant anemone type blossoms have soft pink petals surrounding a deep rose and yellow fringed center. Each spring, deep emerald green foliage emerges, remaining attractive throughout summer and fall. This mid to late season bloomer is lovely massed in borders. Excellent cut flower.
Eden’s Perfume Eden’s Perfume Peony will is a delight to your eyes and nose with its heavenly scented large pink blooms. It’s considered to be one of the most fragrant peonies, with a Damask rose fragrance. The large double blooms can be up to 6-7″ across and are covered with frilly pink petals.
Edulis Suberba robust 1824 heirloom, which has maintained its popularity for generations and is a favorite for cutting. Plants blossom earlier than most Herbaceous varieties, offering intensely fragrant double blooms in rosy pink then developing ivory accents as they age. The form of each blossom features a central mound of curvy, notched petals framed by a collar of broader, flatter ones.
Festiva Maxima Large, pure white, fragrant blooms with occasional flecks of crimson at the base of the center petals have made this variety a great Peony for generations and our largest seller for many years.
Henry Bockstoce The cardinal-red color alone would make this Peony an impressive addition to any garden, but the large size of its fully double flowers secure its status as a standout. Although held on sturdy stems, these magnificent blooms may need staking to protect them from wind and rain. Early.
Jacorma a Very Late double Pink Peony Lactiflora, deep pink flowers, dark green foliage, strong stems, botrytis resistance,
Jan Van Leeuwen  large, single blooms with white satin petals and contrasting large yellow centers dance atop beautiful, lush, green foliage in mid-spring. A wonderful addition to any spring bouquet. An excellent background plant for spring bulbs, or use in perennial or shrub borders. An herbaceous perennial.
Joker Enjoy a changing color show from this vigorous Herbaceous variety. The large double blossoms open pink then mature to glistening white with pink picotee trim. They show beautifully against deeply dissected gray-green leaves. Midseason.
Kansas The vivid crimson flowers are borne on exceptionally strong stems. The show is glorious in the garden or in a vase. This old variety has been around since 1940 and it’s still widely considered the very best double red Peony. Pretenders to the title come and go, but ‘Kansas’ still reigns. Early.
Karl Rosenfeild Large, red, double blooms are spectacularly displayed on sturdy, erect stems emerging from beautiful, lush, green foliage on a rounded form. A truly exquisite cut flower. An excellent background plant for spring bulbs, or for use as a spring specimen in sunny mixed borders.
Lady Alexander Duff Blush, double, very fragrant, midseason, 36″ tall, lactiflora. The pale mauve-pink flowers lighten in the center. A much loved heirloom variety with a loose, romantic form.
Lady Orchid Slightly fragrant, soft lavender-pink, double blooms on a robust rounded plant of lush, green foliage. An excellent background plant for spring bulbs, or for use as a spring specimen in sunny gardens and shrub borders. A mid-season bloomer that provides superb cut flowers.
Lemon Chiffon Striking large, lemon yellow flowers, petals of heavy substance hold well in the garden, side buds extend the flowering period. Medium height stems are strong and stand well against the weather while in flower. The medium size bush and deep green foliage remain attractive in the landscape.
Many Happy Returns Many Happy Returns’ is a vigorous Peony with long lasting flowers that are ideal for flower arrangements and never fail to create a dramatic sight in the spring garden. Blooming heavily in late spring – early summer, this early midseason peony will flower for approximately 7-10 days.
Moon River Peony ‘Moon River’ is a Midseason double Pink Peony Lactiflora, large, finely formed, deep cream double with luminous pink blush, full petalled flowers carried on short, slightly fragrant, strong stems with dark green foliage,
Paul M Wild Spectacular, ruby-red, double blooms are displayed on the sturdy erect stems of this clumping perennial. An excellent background plant for spring bulbs, or in perennial and shrub borders. A choice cut flower.
Paula Fay Deep shocking pink semi-double with waxy textured, softly glowing blooms. Excellent plant habit and dark green foliage. American Peony Society Gold Medal Selection.
Peppermint Patti Semi-double lactiflora, white with red streaks and flares. Flat form, stamens, pollen, seeds, slightly fragrant. Excellent reliability. Beautifully twisted and fluted white petals with unusual red streaks, splotches and flares. Some light green flaring also. Nicely contrasting red topped stigmas compliment the color of the flares. Very unique flower form. Good stem strength, 30″ in height. Early, good, healthy green foliage.
Pink Hawaiian Coral Marvelous coral semi-double has rounded petals forming a fine rose shape. Delicate yellow stamens and creamy carpels. Mounded foliage. Fragrant and an excellent cut flower. American Peony Society Gold Medal Selection
Purple Spider Early summer flowers are so fun! Fringed violet-purple centers that are surrounded by larger ray petals. Each flower is highlighted with frosted white tips for a two-toned look. Very fragrant.
Raspberry Sundae Cream petals suffused with a delicious raspberry shade that deepens toward the center. Very double, with a soft, sweet fragrance.
Red Charm Huge, rich red flowers are made up of a single row of outer petals that surrounds an explosion of smaller and heavily ruffled petals which keeps expanding as the flower opens. An APS Gold Medal winner.
Red Sarah Bernhardt Luscious, large, deep fuchsia-purple, bowl-shaped blooms on stout stems are excellent for dramatic cut flower arrangements. A rounded, upright form with lush dark green foliage backs the stunning, full-petaled, double flowers.
Riches and Fame This colourful and vigorous variety produces lots of sumptuous, violetpink double flowers that release a light, sweet scent. With its abundance of fluffy flowers and somewhat compact habit, it’s a good choice for beautifying borders and patio pots. Its stiff stems require no staking and help make Riches & Fame a nice cut flower for use in vases and bouquets.
Sarah Bernhardt Sarah Bernhardt’ is a beloved Peony with large double flowers in fresh, pastel pink. Introduced in 1906, this longtime favorite blooms dependably year after year and presents a healthy amount of emerald green foliage to add interest to the garden throughout the season.
Scarlett O’Hara Peony ‘Scarlet O’Hara’ is an Early single Red Peony Hybrid, large red guard petals with yellow stamens, strong stems, large buds, it belongs on the ‘traditional’ list of well paid cut flowers,
Seeing Blue Scented flowers are borne on tall, sturdy stems, making this elegant flower ideal for borders and cutting. Flower Color Pink with a bluish glow, paler pink at the petal margins.
Raspberry Sundae Cream petals suffused with a delicious raspberry shade that deepens toward the center. Very double, with a soft, sweet fragrance.
White Cap Luscious, raspberry Japanese form with lovely, full centers of ivory and pale pink staminodium. Appealing flowers are held above the plant on stiff stems. A beautiful garden choice. Peony ‘White Cap’ is an American Peony Society Gold Medal Selection.
Bartzella Very large, bright yellow double blossoms with a slight red center stain stand above the lush, dark green, deeply dissected foliage. Flowers have a pleasant, slightly spicy scent. An especially vigorous plant, the sturdy flower stems require no staking.
Canary Brilliants begins taupe opens canary yellow, chrysanthemum flower form, blooms mid-late, plant dwarf spreading, long flowering time,
Cora Louise White & Pink, chrysanthemum flower form, blooms mid-late, plant dwarf spreading, long flowering time,
First Arrival This beautiful, hybrid Peony produces 6-8” blooms that are pink to lavender, on crisp, dark-green foliage. A truly stunning, fragrant flower.
Garden Treasure yellow w/scarlet, chrysanthemum flower form, blooms mid, plant dwarf spreading (slightly smaller than the other intersectional peonies), long flowering time,
Julia Rose  Large fragrant double blossoms in peachy-apricot with scarlet edged petals, shift towards yellow as it ages.
Morning Lilac The fragrant and floriferous Morning Lilac produces an abundance of delightful, 8″ blooms all over its top and sides. These beauties give the borders a pop of vibrant, fuchsia-purple colour, accentuated by darker purple and white stripes. In the centres shine bright golden stamens. Blooms rather early.
Scarlet Heaven  tall, upright bush of lush green leaves that stand up well into the autumn. The HUGE flowers are single with deep scarlet petals surrounding golden-yellow anthers. Red flowering Itoh Peonies are rare and this one is considered one of the best; an outstanding performer.
White Emperor White Emperor is a white semi double Intersectional Hybrid. With the soft smelling flowers recommended for garden and city parks all over the world. White Emperor is rich of flowers coming out of the dark foliage.
Chojuraku (2 yr, lavender)  Lavender flowers with purple-black flares at the base of the petals. Tips of the petals frost to silver as the flower fades.
Hanakisoi ( 5 +, pink) color pink, shape chrysanthemum, bloom time mid, flower upright, posture mid/partially spreading, hybridizer hoogendoorn 1949, fragrant.
High Noon (2 yr, yellow) An American hybrid with clear lemon yellow flowers marked red at the center. It will occasionally throw a repeat bloom during the summer.
Houki (2 yr, red) color red, shape chrysanthemum, bloom time mid, flower upright, posture medium/part spreading.
Kaoukamon (2 yr, Maroon)  Flower is very dark maroon, a color much revered and sure to stand out in the garden. The flowers are smaller than other types and plants are slower to grow.
Renkaku (2 yr, white) Pure white, dinner plate sized, semi-double blooms with golden centers that open from pointed buds. The petals are delicately fringed at the edges. This is a really beautiful tree peony and one of the earliest to flower.
Shimadaijin (2 yr, purple) Paeonia Shimadaijin or Island Minister, Tree Peony is considered one of the best. Majestic 8”, semi-double, fragrant, rich magenta purple blossoms bring brilliant color to the garden. Matures to an incredible specimen plants that grows 3-5’ tall.
Shimanishiki (2 yr, red/white) Stunning semi-double flowers create a stunning display against crisp green foliage. Mature plants can carry up to 50 exquisite blooms, with the red-purple and white striped petals accented by showy yellow center stamens. This long-lived deciduous shrub is ideal for foundation planting, mixed border, or woodland setting.
Herbaceous Peonies – the most well known type of peony. They are disease resistant plants that enhance the structure and beauty of any garden and produce some of the best cut flowers available. They bloom during the transition from spring into summer, with each individual cultivar blooming for an average of 7-10 days. The foliage of shining green leaves remains throughout the summer, dies back to the ground in winter and reemerges early each spring. Herbaceous peonies require very little care and live for generations. They have been cultivated for centuries & can be found in an astounding array of flower form, color & fragrance.
Herbaceous peonies can be planted in both spring and fall. They need at least 5 hours of full sun with rich well-draining soil. Like most long-lived perennials it can take three years for them to bloom prolifically – they are well worth the wait. They grow in zones 3-8. Typically the bloom occurs late-May in the mid zones and early-June in the colder zones. Basically all peonies will come at the same time but there are slight variations in the timing dependent on the early, mid, late designation of the cultivar itself. Mainstay in every perennial garden, best cut flower available, low maintenance, live forever, deer proof.
Intersectional Peonies, also know as Itoh Hybrids, are a hybrid produced by crossing a tree peony with an herbaceous peony. These peonies produce tree peony flowers and leaves on plants that behave like herbaceous peonies, dying down to the ground in winter and reemerging each spring. A mature plant may produce 50 or more dinner-plate sized flowers on strong short stems that do not require staking. They reach peak bloom near the end of the herbaceous peony bloom. Each plant can remain in bloom for 3-4 weeks with new buds continually opening over this period. They can be used as cut flowers and offer an astounding array of yellows and golds — colors not widely available in herbaceous peonies. They are disease resistant, less susceptible to powdery mildew than their herbaceous parent and less susceptible to botrytis blight than their tree peony parent. Intersectional peonies grow to approximately 2.5 feet tall by about 3 feet wide. Their compact form is well suited to the front of the perennial boarder as they produce leaves and flowers that cover the entire plant. Dinner plate size flowers, easy to grow, nicely shaped plant, deer proof.
Tree Peonies are woody perennial shrubs. They bloom April into May, before the herbaceous peony bloom. Their woody structure allows them to stand upright without staking. They produce gigantic dinner-plate-sized flowers on plants that grow from 3 to 7 feet tall. After the bloom, tree peonies provide structure to the garden with deep green leaves in summer and bronze and purple foliage in fall. Native to Asia and cultivated for millennia, these deer-resistant plants thrive in horticultural zones 4-9. Tree peonies grow slowly, producing 1 to 6 inches of new growth each year. Given well-drained soil and dappled sunlight, they will live for centuries. Stately, rare, huge flowers, nice leaf coverage, simply fabulous.
Tree Peonies prefer evenly moist, well-drained soil with a pH close to neutral. If your soil is extremely acid, add some lime when planting. Remove deadwood after the plants leaf out in spring and remove spent flowers. Tree Peonies usually take 2 – 3 years to become established and bloom heavily.  In very cold climates, it will attain full height at about only 2-3 feet.  The form is fine and the plant is handsome throughout the growing season. No pruning is required, except to cut out dead wood or suckers in early spring. If plants become leggy, a moderate pruning in early fall can be done to shape plant and encourage additional growth on the lower part of the plant. Remove spent flowers after bloom. These long-lived plants usually take several years to establish, and are best left undisturbed once planted. Excellent in borders as specimens or in groups. Also effective as accents or hedges along fences, sidewalks, driveways or walls. Flowers are extremely showy, and foliage remains attractive throughout the growing season, either alone or as a frame or backdrop for other flowering plants.
Ideal planting time is late fall & early spring for bare root. This period coincides with the peony dormancy cycle.  Potted peonies can be planted at the begining of the growing season in May. That being said, peonies are very hardy and can be planted almost any season as long as the ground can be dug.
Once you have dug a hole the appropriate size for your type of peony you will look to create a friable loam – a soft, dark, rich, loose, soil that is composed of clay, compost and sand. These soil conditions will allow for free water flow while retaining proper moisture and nutrition.
If you have clay soils you will need to amend for drainage. A good solution is to mix compost and rock dust, crushed stone often used as a base when laying out new paving stones, into your soil. Rock dust can be obtained from a neighborhood quarry. Gypsum, a type of rock dust, can be obtained commercially from garden or hardware centers. In addition to drainage, rock dust has the benefit of adding micro-nutrients to the soil.
If you have sandy soil amend with clay and compost to increase the retention of nutrients.
Peonies tolerate a wide pH but prefer a neutral to slightly alkaline soil, a pH to 6.5 – 7.5. If you are unsure of your soil condition or pH, you may want to get a soil test from your county’s agricultural extension service.