RSF Water Plant List

Listed are the water plants we expect to have for this season.  At any given time, some may be unavailable or sold out.  The best selection is in late April and May.

Marginals Marginal water plants grow in shallow water or in moist soil around the perimeter of the water garden. The largest selection of water plants falls within this group.
Floater These water plants float freely on the surface of the water garden. Floaters help reduce algae by competing with nutrients, shading the water to help keep it cool, and by lowering the amount of light that penetrates into the water. Most floaters are tropical and should be removed from the pond and composted with the onset of winter and the arrival of the first frost.
Oxgenators This group of water plants grows beneath the surface of the water. The name “oxygenators” is also used for them because they release oxygen into the water during the day as a process of photosynthesis. The primary function of these plants is to remove excess nutrients from the pond, thereby reducing the growth of algae. They also provide spawning areas and protective cover for fish.
Floaters Eichornia crassipes Water Hyacinth
Floaters Pistia stratoides Water Lettuce
Lotus Nelumbo Beautiful Dancer
Lotus Nelumbo Red Light
Lotus Nelumbo Snow White
Marginals Anemopsis californica Bear Root
Marginals Bacopa carolinana Lemon Bacopa
Marginals Hemigraphis exotica Purple Waffle
Marginals Iris Kaemferi variegata
Marginals Iris lousiana Ann Chowning
Marginals Iris versicolor Blue Water Iris
Marginals Lindernia grandiflora Blue Moneywort
Marginals Mentha citrata Lemon Mint
Marginals Oenanthe javan Flamingo Variegated Water Celery
Marginals Oryza sativa Red Rice
Marginals Peltranda virginica Arrow Arum
Marginals Pontderia cordata Purple Pickerelweed
Marginals Ranunculus flammula Mini Spearwort
Marginals Ruellia brittoniana Chi Chi
Marginals Ruellia brittoniana Katie
Marginals Sarracenia Judith Hindle
Marginals Sarracenia Scarlet Belle
Marginals Saururus c variegatus Red Stem Lizard Tail
Marginals Thalia dealbata Hardy Water Canna
Marginals Tulbaghia v variegata Variegated Water Garlic
Marginals Typha laxmannii Graceful Cattail
Marginals Zantedeschia aethiopica Common Calla
Marginals Zephyranthes robustus Pink Rain Lily
Marginals Zephyranthus candida White Rain Lily
Oxgenators Hygrophila difformis Water Wisteria
Oxgenators Rotala indica Red Rotala
Water Lily Nymphaea Alaskan
Water Lily Nymphaea Almost Black
Water Lily Nymphaea Attraction
Water Lily Nymphaea Colorado
Water Lily Nymphaea Joey Tomick
Water Lily Nymphaea Madamw Wilfron Gonnere
Water Lily Nymphaea Wanvisa